Nunnbetter Dance Theatre’s Jr. Company Program


What is the NDT Jr. Company?

images/yael.jpgStudents enrolled in NDT’s Ballet Level 6 are eligible to audition for NDT’s Jr. Company. This is not the pre-professional track, but rather an intro into the Company experience.

Dancers will be part of the company experience and have the opportunity to join the Pre-Professional Company members in the Spring Concert performance. Members of the Jr. Company will also be eligible to participate if they choose, in master classes and other activities extended to the Pre-Professional Company members.

What are the benefits of participating in NDT’s Jr. Company?

Dancers who audition and are accepted into the Jr. Company will:
  • Be cast in the NDT Spring Concert.
  • Be given a pre-sale discount ticket offer (limited time) to NDT’s Nutcracker.
  • Be given a NDT Jr. Company t-shirt
  • Benefit from extra training and rehearsal above and beyond regular classes.
  • Benefit from performance opportunities

What are the requirement to participate in NDT’s Jr. Company?

Requirements for participation are:
  • Dancers must be enrolled and participate in both (2) Ballet 6 weekly classes plus be enrolled in a minimum of 2 additional classes, either ballet or other dance styles in order to audition for the Jr. Company. 4 classes weekly minimum.
  • Dancers will need to consistently attend their weekly classes and follow the company rules regarding rehearsal attendance. Students missing classes or rehearsals consistently, or who are tardy will be asked to leave the Jr. Company.
  • Commitment to support, attend and participate in NDT Company fundraising events and performances.
  • Proper attire, attitude and attention in class.
  • Jr. Company fee of $300 in addition to class tuition pricing. (This Jr. Company fee is NOT inclusive of the Nutcracker participation fee)